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Compliance is a law, not a suggestion.

Our File Shredding Service In Orlando, FL, Provides Secure Document Storage

Protecting the privacy of your clients, company, and employees is vital. By entrusting ShredPros with our file shredding service across Orlando and Daytona, FL, as well as the entire Central Florida region, you are providing peace of mind to everyone who has supplied you with personal information.  By law, pharmacies, medical centers, government entities, and private businesses must destroy sensitive data to prevent mishandling.

In many instances, businesses need to store documents before they can be bulk shredded. Choose from our wide selection of tamper-proof security consoles and bins. Once documents are placed in the locked container, only a key-holder can remove them. When the bin is full, our shredding service will destroy the contents and recycle them.

Shredding secured documents result in a lot of paper waste. The green initiative program means that any shredded paper is bailed and repurposed into various recycled products.

File shredding services can result in many leftover binders, boxes, binder clips, and metal hanging files for offices. We suggest you reuse those supplies; however, we can donate them to non-profit organizations or schools if you prefer.

The Executive DuraFlex™ Console

The executive DuraFlex Console is a non-formaldehyde console designed with ultra-strong poly components that reinforce all the points where traditional consoles fail. It provides the efficiency, durability, and flexibility you need, making it an asset to your company for the future. Anti-phishing paper deflector ensures no hands can access documents. And these paper shredding security bins are 100% recyclable. Features include:

  • Pin & Dowel Construction
  • Self-Closing Lock to Keep Documents Secure at All Times
  • Metal Striker & Anti-Pry Device to Ensure Security

Dimensions & Capacity

Console Dimensions: 16" L x 21.5" W x 36" H
Capacity: 80-100 lbs.
Empty Weight: 53 lbs.

Security Bins - Console

Defender Series Paper Shredding Bins

Our E-Series paper shredding bins provide a secure location for document collection. They boast up to 350 lbs of paper-holding capacity. The external hasp and internal lockjaw locking system secure the lid of the container, thereby preventing tampering or removal of sensitive documents. No padlocks are required for these security bins.

Dimensions & Capacity

Defender-32 2-Wheel

21.5” D x 19.5” W x 38” H
Capacity: 125 lbs.
Empty Weight: 21 lbs.

Defender-65 2-Wheel
27.5”D x 24.5”W x 42.5” H
Capacity: 200-250 lbs.
Empty Weight: 39 lbs.

Defender-95 2-Wheel
35.25” D x 25”W x 44.5” H
Capacity: 250-300 lbs.
Empty Weight: 44 lbs.

Paper Shredding Bins

Shredinator - Deskside Series

Shredinator secure deskside collection container is the number one choice for hospitals and medical facilities. The Shredinator is offered in 3 different heights and fits nicely under the desk next to each workstation. Prevent the lazy toss into the recycle bin and install Shredinator security bins at each work station for complete compliance.

Dimensions & Capacity

24” Shredinator
20” L x 11” W x 24” H
Capacity: 16 US Dry Gallon
Empty Weight: 5.3 lbs.
27” Shredinator
20”L x 11”W x 27”H
Capacity: 20 US Dry Gallon
Empty Weight: 5.7 lbs.
30” Shredinator
20”L x 11”W x 30”H
Capacity: 23 US Dry Gallon
Empty Weight: 6.3 lbs.
Security Bins - Orlando, FL

Seal N' Shred Bag

An easy way for residential customers to shred documents.
The Seal 'N Shred bag is the ultimate no-hassle way to shred documents.
Available in a large 12-gallon size, the Seal 'N Shred Bag can be easily filled, sealed, and shredded—no emptying required.

  • It's made from cultivated older trees, which absorb less carbon dioxide and produce less oxygen than younger trees.
  • Adhesives made from 100% biodegradable potato starch
  • Lightweight and easy to store - perfect for overflow
  • Ideal for use with shred days, purges and fund raisers

Dimensions & Capacity

Dimensions HxWxD: 28.5"x13.5"x8.5"
Capacity: 12 US Dry Gallons
Weight Capacity: Approx. 35 Lbs
Weight Capacity: Approx. 2 Banker Box capacity
Seal n' shred bag
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Recycling Services

Hard Drives & Other Methods Of Storage

Not all information is stored on paper. Hard drives, electronics, and x-rays all contain private data that requires special handling. Our shredding service will pick up and shred your sensitive information stored by any of these methods.

On-Site Mobile Shredding, No Contracts, No Hidden Fees, No Annual Increases


Contact us to learn more about our secure storage and file destruction services. We’re proud to serve clients in and around Orlando, Florida.


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